Hoërskool Vryheid High School

VHS is a dual medium (of instruction), multi-cultural school of excellence where every learner has the oppertunity to develop into a well educated, morally sound, responsible and compassionate adult who can make a valuable contribution to the future of our country.


Vryheid High School
Private Bag X9329, VRYHEID

Principal:  Anton le Roux:  headmaster@vryheidhigh.co.za
Deputy Head:  Jannie Fourie:  deputyprincipal@vryheidhigh.co.za

Reception / Admission:  Janet Rodel:  vhs@bundunet.co.za
Finance: Elise van der Walt:   vhs.admim@bundunet.co.za
Ilse Lathleiff:  finance@vryheidhigh.co.za
Secretary:  Hesterie de Jager:  hesterie@bundunet.co.za

Tel: (034) 982 2239/40
Fax: (034) 983 2586